First patch for Hill Agency now available! (Patch 1.01 Notes)

After hearing your initial bug reports, we fixed some problems in the game and our first patch has just been released! 

Here are our Patch 1.01 Notes:

  • Fixed issue with improperly setup NPC textures
  • Fixed issue with Pat's Apartment door not loading Pat's Apartment level and instead loading Main Menu
  • Evidence section of Inventory now clears after each case is done, Persons of Interest remain
  • Evidence board now clears after each case is done
  • Covered hole to the white void where you fall forever and the horizon never changes
  • Increased speed of Hills walking animation to match speed of movement
  • Bato will now properly respond to evidence shown
  • Fixed issue with Mary disappearing/not following

A friendly reminder to everyone that, if you find any issues while playing the game, you can use our Bug Report form to report these problems. Link to it here:

Thank you for playing Hill Agency: PURITYdecay

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