New Hill Agency patch now available! (Patch 1.03 notes)

Thank you all for the feedback you have provided us with! We really appreciate your bug reports, which have helped us address some significant issues and improve the game experience. With that said, we are pleased to announce that a new patch with additional fixes was just released, and our team is confident that the game should now run smoothly for everyone!

Patch 1.03 Notes:

  • Fixed issue with broken fast travel save file
  • Fixed issue with Tadagadaho's profile not showing up for everyone
  • Fixed issue with Tadagadaho's dialogue occasionally breaking
  • Correct accusation responses are now firing for all accusation inputs on all accusation points
  • Hill and Mary no longer get stuck on curbs/stairs/corners

However, we are always open to your feedback, and our bug report form is still available in case you encounter any further bugs/issues (

Thank you for playing Hill Agency!

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