Second patch for Hill Agency has just been released! (Patch 1.02 Notes)

We'd like to thank all of you who reported more problems in the game through our Bug Report form! You have been very patient with us and also great on giving details so we could reproduce and fix the bugs, and we are very grateful for that! 

The second patch with more fixes for Hill Agency has just been released and now we believe that everything causing the game to break or softlock has been taken care of!

Patch 1.02 Notes:

  • Clarified confusing language in tutorial notes, including Evidence board instructions
  • Fixed issue with cameras not properly switching or getting caught on collisions in the Rebel Bar and on Hill's Street
  • Fixed issue with disappearing interaction points on doors in Merrium's Apartment
  • Replaced link to bug report form in Main Menu, correct form will now load
  • Hologram NPC's no longer trap Player/Camera
  • Management has spoken with Hill and she has agreed to stop dancing on tables
  • Fixed issue with Omansiskwew's first in-person dialogue, correct dialogue tree now shows up
  • Fixed issue with Final Pin evidence not showing up in inventory
  • Fixed issue with "Mary in Office" dialogue not firing properly
  • Fixed issue with "New Game" using old saves
  • Management found budget to give Wab a sponge to clean counters
  • Reminded Kispisit, Nikik, and Mimaw that they need to get on the road to the harvest camp or they're going to miss all the good stuff.

Our Bug Report form is still open in case any of you find more issues while playing the game, so feel free to report more bugs here:

Thanks for playing Hill Agency: PURITYdecay!

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