New fixes available with Patch 1.04!

Hill Agency patch 1.04 has just been released and once more we would like to thank you all for the bug and feedback reports!

Patch 1.04 Notes:

- Office door glitch is now fixed, players shouldn't be able to open door early
- Added notification light to interactive terminal
- Repaired broken evidence interactions with Mimaw
- Missing portrait will now show up in inventory. (Note: This fix will only effect players who have played past the tutorial prior to patch 1.03. New players will not have this issue.)

Our bug report form is always open to receive more reports from you as we continue to enhance Hill Agency game experience! Link to the form:

Alongside the release of this new patch, in the Hill Agency Community we've also provided instructions on a temporary resolution for the 'New Game' button issue, after some early players encountered difficulties when trying to start a new game save from scratch. So if you have been playing the game since its initial weeks and are experiencing problems with starting a new game, we recommend checking out our temporary resolution for this issue here.

Thank you for playing Hill Agency and for your continued support!

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